The Mechanics of Effective Online dating

Make no mistake about it, if you want to have a truly meaningful online chat session with a another member, you have to pay attention to how it plays out. In many cases, a lot of guys get too obsessed with the technical considerations of such conversations. They look at the photo quality. They look at the personal details. They look at how good the profile looks. I’m not saying that these are all irrelevant. I’m not saying that you should not pay attention to these. However, you need to go beyond the surface. You need to get past cosmetic issues.


The reality is that great conversations should be the core of your online dating experience. Otherwise, you’re going to fail at this seriously. Even if you’re dealing with somebody that can double as a Greek goddess and has a massive pair of tits and is extremely sexy, you can still have a lousy time. Why? Your mind-set basically puts all the weight of the conversation to her.


I don’t care how intelligent the person is. I don’t care how well-travelled the person is. If all the weight of conversation is shifted towards that person, the discussion is going to fall flat. Eventually, that person is going to run out of things to talk about. You can’t look at any kind of conversation as a purely receptive person. You can’t be a purely passive partner. It doesn’t work that way.


If you want to have a great online chat with someone on a dating site, you have to look at it as a two-way street. In other words, for you to receive, you have to first give. That’s how it plays out. That’s the big difference between an online chat session that is worth remembering and something that is just completely forgettable. I hope you see where this is coming from. It’s all about your conversation skills which is rooted, of course, in your mind set and your attitude. No go ahead and put your skills to test on a great sex dating site called!

What everybody ought to know about Adult Reviews

Unethical discounts have already been mentioned so it’s time to move onto the genuine discounts which are out there and among the easier ways to get these reduced rates would be to undergo a site like mine. Review sites like this one are generally supplied links to reduced prices as a thank you for reviewing websites. This allows us to publish truthful reviews whilst also having the ability to offer our loyal readers an extra motivation and it is useful for both sides. Unfortunately not every site candidly reviews each site because they have cut special offers to encourage poor websites so simply be skeptical of that. Marketing awful websites makes no sense to us whatsoever so you can rest assured that you’re inside the safest of hands here. Moving on, investing a site for much more than one month stays a good way to obtain a sizeable discount. It’s not uncommon for web sites to offer discounts of around 33% off for clients paying quarterly if they are priced throughout the typical $29.95/month mark and additional discounts are available for annual and biannual customers. You’ll want to ensure you’re very content with the articles you’re getting along with the all round service before you sign on the dotted line but when you’re already happy, it truly is upset to pay for the highest price.

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People now need content on the go as well as the adult industry is starting to adapt to the fast going modern-era by supplying adult displays with mobility to those that need every thing on the transfer. Nine times out of ten you’ll understand the huge sites already provide files for iPhone, iPad and other widely used mobile systems downloads. Many sites now have cellular sites set up to especially look after members with this unique demand. Even now, this always the case yet and there remain plenty of websites which haven’t troubled to maintain the changing times but it will not mean you will need to avoid them entirely. For as long as there are many download alternatives available, you will be able to find a means to move your favorite scenes onto your preferred gadget. Free video conversion sites may be utilized in the event that you need them and you need to remember that a website will usually exclaim how cellular friendly they are on their homepage.

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I read some adult review sites yesterday to see what is going on in the ass department… It turns out there are a number of great sites out there to be recommended. If you guys want to read about it yourself, have a look at the best butts sites from Adult Reviews and top ass sitesfrom Porn Reviews. They are two highly recommended review sites right now. Anyway… To my “editor’s picks”:

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What is it about a hot ass that gets men hard? What is it about Ass Sex and Ass Porn that makes these bitches scream like banshees from hell! Well I will tell you that a nice taut and tight ass feels great as I pound it from behind. Watching sextube anal sex videos on the free porn sites gets me off, but there is nothing like actually fucking a hot ass, nothing like slapping that ass as you push deeper and deeper. And the best part of anal sex is the way pornstars can take a cock in their pussy at the same time! Now that is a sight that really gets a man hard.

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cock in assI love myself a lovely lady packing a nice, sweet ass, especially if I could see her oily ass, smooth and just so appetizing. And when you put an oily ass and a dildo in ass bit together, oh it’s on! Reminds me of my last oily ass encounter with Janice.

Janice is a real piece of work. Dark wavy hair, seductive eyes, a mischievous smile, huge pair of sweet knockers and an ass that is simply to die for. It was big and round, and yet still very much toned and tight. I love packing her ass and smacking it a few times since she loves being dirty.

She crept in my room. It was a cold day. We were under the covers and somehow, someway, as we always do, we found ourselves kissing, making out, our tongues entwined. I played with her tits while she played with my cock when I suddenly caught sight of something long and purple — a dildo.

“My, my, what do we have here?” I asked her. “I was horny while you were away babe…” she started. And I cut her, “shhh.”

cock in ass I started rubbing at her pussy, slowly getting closer to her clit, running my fingers through her hot folds of flesh, making her wet. I took the dildo and ran it along her pussy lips, making it slick with her juices. I let it run like that for a while but I had other plans. I dragged it through her pussy slit to her ass crack and started pressing it at her asshole. Slowly I let it sink in as I relished in hearing her groan. I started slow, but as soon as I knew she could take it, I sped up. I spanked her a few times, making her arch her back and yelp out in pleasure with a tinge of pain. I hastily pulled out the dildo and replaced it with my cock. Damn was she tight. All the holding back has made me almost too easy to get to cum. Faster and faster I pounded in her ass ’til she started bucking and crying out, signaling her orgasm. I followed soon after. I pulled my cock out and came all over her ass.

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wet assesI’m all for ass pounding, stalking for the best ass online that I can find and I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve been around the game for a while now and when it comes to ass pounding and the hunt for the best ass online. How else would I have all my memorable encounters? And all the girls who turn to me with their sexual desires? That’s right. I’ve got me quite a following. One of the sweetest was Cheska.

Cheska’s a real beaute. Golden tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, a sexy smile, nice jugs that are more than a handful and a nice, big, round, toned and tight ass that just makes me hard all too easily.

She came over. I kissed her immediately, rubbing her ass and smacking it a few times. We made out and started undressing each other all the way up the stairs and into my room. I fondled her tits, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples, making her whimper. We got in bed and I ravaged her chest with my lips, licking her tits and sucking on her hardened nipples as she began rubbing my crotch, bringing my monster cock to life.

wet assesI let her go down on me, licking and sucking tenderly at my cock. She popped the head in her mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop. She took in more and more, bobbing her head back and forth, taking it all the way ’til it would hit her throat. She slobbered and spit on my cock, making it slick with her spit and my precum and I knew it was time to end this.

I got her onto all fours and positioned myself behind her. I aimed my cock at her tight little asshole and started pushing in. She groaned. Slowly I started building up speed. My strokes and thrusts became more forceful as I fucked that ass as deep as I can. Her moans started out low and soft but she isn’t so quiet anymore. Faster and harder I go ’til she shrieks in pleasure. I feel my cock pulse and throb and with a yell, I spilled my seed in her ass.

Horny Ass Pounding

horny assI surely am NOT one to pass up a nice plump ass. When I see a delicious round mound of ass, hot damn! I just wanna get on that plump as and ride it ’til it isn’t such a round mound of ass no more. But I exaggerate, by only a slight amount. I mean, I haven’t used up Cherie yet.

Cherie’s a real piece of work. A nice golden tan, brunette with soft curls, a nice smile, the cutest dimples, nice tits you just want to get lost in and an ass that looks like it belongs to a black girl.

We met at the park one day and we really hit is off. I guess we just started talking for some random reason and from there, we felt like we’ve known each other for so long. She was different from other women and I was lucky enough to get lucky on that same day.

horny ass We ended up having snacks at her place. She had a real knack of whipping things up in the kitchen. At some point I got whipped cream on my face and without warning, she licked it off. The next thing I knew we were naked and she was sucking and slobbering on my cock. Damn did she know how to give good head. I bent her over the counter and started rubbing her ass, smacking it from time to time, making her yelp out in mixed pain and pleasure as she ended her shrieks in low moans. I smacked my cock on her ass a few times and then positioned myself at the entrance of her fine ass.

I pushed in slowly and felt shivers run up and downmy spine as she groaned low. I started speeding up, making her breathing ragged and her chest heave. Faster and harder I went, her moans turning into shrieks of pleasure, making me grunt as I got closer and closer. My cock started pulsing and throbbing hard and with a swift movement, pulled my cock out and grunted loud as I came all over her ass.

Ass Hunter Tales

ass hunterEveryone wants to fuck a babe ass, right? A nice, sweet lady babe’s ass. I personally enjoy fat ass porn. You know, fat ass porn where the foxy lady’s ass jiggles as you fuck her hard, harder and as hard as you possibly can. My favorite? Tanya.

Tanya was hot as fuck. Wild hair, always dressed to the nines and she knew just how to be hot without being too much. She was perfect, classy and yet so seductive. But if there’s one thing I love about her, it’s her big, fat, juicy ass.

I decided to surprise her one day… but I was the one who ended up surprised.

ass hunterI rang her doorbell and she came out in nothing but a sheer robe. I could see the silhouette of her body as the soft and delicate fabric hugged her frame in all the right places. I couldn’t find the words to speak and she eliminated that problem by kissing me, shoving her tongue in my mouth, exploring it, and I fought to do the same to her when I regained my senses. I pushed her back ’til we were inside and closed the door behind us. She pushed me back against the door and began to slowly undress me while doing her best to keep her lips on mine or my body.

We ran up the stairs and into the room. “Baby… I was gonna take you to this show… I got us tickets…” I told her. T’was my surprise. “Let’s make it quick then, big boy!” she said in all enthusiasm. I lubed up my cock and positioned it at her tight ass. Slowly I pushed in, making her moan and then started thrusting in and out. I started slow, small ripples from her ass. As I gained speed, the more her ass shook. I clung onto her and pistoned in and out like a dog. I felt it, I was so close, and a loud gasp from us and I spilled my seed in her ass.

Screw the show, I want some more of that.